How to Make Robot

Hello friends today am going to show you how you can make walking robot with simple materials like popsicle sticks ,screws and dc motors etc.The robot we are today is four legged robot. In this blog we will learn about the mechanism that will help a robot to walk or run.

Things you will need to make walking robot

1. Popsicle sticks
2. DC Geared motor
3. li-ion battery 3.7 V
4. screw and nut
5. Jumper Wires

Lets see step by step how to make walking robot.

Step 1.

First you will have to cut the popsicle sticks with the measurement as shown in the figure. there are six popsicle sticks are cut in the require size and assemble it as shown in figure. Now the leg is ready. Now you have to repeat step to make two legs and then you have to repeat the step two times more but this time you have to reverse the popsicle sticks. The you will got four legs for your robot.

Step 2.

Now you have to make the base plate where which you can attach the legs that you made in above step. Take four popsickel sticks and stick together forming a rectangular shape. You can add more sticks to increase the strength of the base plate. Take two popsicle sticks and stick each other with glue gun and drill holes along the stick maintaining the distance 1.3 centimeters between the hole. Glue them opposite to each other on the base plate as shown in figure. You have to make two sets of it and then you have to join them.

Step 3.

In this step you have to make a rectangular block of popsicle stick and drill hole at the middle of the block as same size of motor diameter. and another hole at distance of 1.3 cm. This block should be attached to the motor and to the leg of the motor. Repeat this step for the all legs of the robot and its done, just connect the battery and your robot is ready for run.

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