How to Make Beginner RC Plane

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Hello friends in this blog we are going to build a rc plane which is a simple rectangular wing which is very good for beginners.

Before building a plane you need to decide the size of the plane. In this blog i am building a medium size plane of 90 mm wing span.

For the building of this plane i am using 10 mm sheet of thermocol. And mark the dimension as given on the thermocol sheet. Dimensions are given below on the image.

You have to cut the thermocol sheet according to the given dimension.

Thermocol sheet looks very fragile, to make it strong i am going laminate the thermocol sheet with packaging tape. Laminating the thermocol with packaging tape is time taking process.

Now we have to bend the thermocol at the mid line. You can use ruler to bend the thermocol sheet.

I am building a bar using icecream stick by joining with glue. we have to make 7 inch long which will be used in reinforcement of the wing.

we have to make 9 to 10 pieces of icecream stick and paste it as base of the wing.

I am building a 90 mm wing spar using icecream stick by joining with glue. And stick above the base icecream stick bar at the middle.

And fold the wing and glue like that and now you can see a airfoil shape is built.

Cut a piece from the wing to make an aileron. At the distance of 1 cm make a bevel cut on the aileron. Laminate the aileron with tape to make it strong. And lastly stick the aileron with wing.

Now its time to build the fuselage of this plane. Mark the dimension on the thermocol as given on the image and stick all the sides of the fuselage together.

Do the same with the tail wing to build it. And add control horn and push rod to the plane.

Now it time to install electronics to the plane. The electronic and battery i installed in my plane are given below
1. 2212 1800 kv brushless motor.
2. 9g metal gear servos
3. power distribution board
4. 30 amp racerstar esc
5. 1000 mah 4s lipo battery.